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Coverage: Human Government Dispensation to Egyptian Bondage
Page 10. Third Dispensation - Human Government
    1. God makes a covenant with Noah, Gen. 8:20-22, 9:8-17
    2. The earth to be destroyed by fire the next time, II Pet. 3:6-7
    3. Noah's sons told to replenish the earth, Gen. 9:1
    4. Ham is cursed, Shem and Japheth are blessed, Gen. 9:20-27
    5. The whole world had one language, Gen. 11:1
    6. Noah's descendants begin to build a tower, Gen. 11:2-4 Page

11. Human Government Ends in Judgment - "The Dispersion"
    1. Nimrod was the founder of Babel, Gen. 10:8-10
    2. God confounds their language and scatters them, Gen. 11:5-9
    3. The beginning of nations and languages
    4. Human Government ends in judgment by the dispersion

Page 12. Fourth Dispensation - Promise
    1. The scattered races turn to idol worship, Rom. 1:21-25
    2. The call of Abram, Gen. 12:1
    3. The promise given to Abram, Gen. 12:2-3
    4. The covenant and its seal between god and Abram, Gen. 17:1-14
    5. Abram and his wife's names are changed, Gen. 17:5,15
    6. Abraham and Lot Separate, Gen. 13:8-13
    7. Ishmael is born, the father of the Arabs, Gen. 16:15
    8. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by fire, Gen. 19:1-28
    9. Isaac is born, the promised son, Gen. 21:1-3
    10. Abrahams faith is tested, Gen. 22:1-14

Page 13. Jacob and Esau
    1. Esau and Jacob are born to Isaac and Rebecca, Gen. 25:21-26
    2. Esau sells his birthright to Jacob, Gen. 25:29-34
    3. Jacob deceives his father and receives the birthright, Gen. 27:1-40
    4. Jacob's dram and his vow to God, Gen. 28:10-22
    5. Jacob spends 20 years working for his wives and for his cattle, Gen. 29 & 30
    6. Jacob wrestles with an angel and has his name changed to Israel, Gen. 32:1-32

Page 14. Promise Ends In Judgment - "Egypt Bondage"
    1. Jacob has twelve sons
    2. Joseph is the most loved of Jacob, Gen. 37:3
    3. Joseph is sold by his brothers, Gen. 37:12-28
    4. Joseph is cast into prison, Gen. 39
    5. Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream and is promoted, Gen. 41:1-44
    6. Joseph forgives his brothers, Gen. 45:1-7
    7. Jacob and all his family moves to Egypt, Gen. 46:1-7,26
    8. Promise ends in Egyptian bondage, Ex. 1:8-14

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