"Open your heart when you open your Bible."

Coverage: General View of New Testament to Christ's Earthly Ministry
Page 27. General View of the New Testament
   1. "We have found Him...Jesus of Nazareth." John 1:45, 1 Peter 1:10-12
   2. Division of books
       a. Four books - gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)
       b. One book - church founded (Acts)
       c. Thirteen books - Pauline epistles, Seven books - General epistles
      d. One book - prophecy (Revelation)
       e. 27 books covering 100 years

Page 28. John the Baptist
   1. During the 400 silent years, the world power shifted from Medes and Persians to Greece to Romans.
   2. Prophecies concerning John the Baptist, Is. 40:3, Mal. 3:1
   3. John was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, Mark 1:2
   4. He preached repentance and baptism, Mark 1:4-8

Page 29. Jesus Christ, "The Hope of the World"
   1. Prophecies concerning him, Micah 5:2, Is 7:14
   2. The Birth of Jesus Christ, Matt, 2:10-11
   3. At the age of 12 years, Jesus was found I the temple reasoning with scribes, Luke 2:46-47
   4. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, Luke 3:21-22
   5. Before beginning His ministry Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, Matt. 4:1-11

Page 30. Christ's Earthly Ministry
   1. Jesus chooses twelve disciples, Mark 1:16-20, Luke 6:13-16
   2. Jesus used two means to attract people - His miracles and His teaching.
   3. He used three kinds of miracles- those in the sphere of nature, those wherein He displayed authority over disease and death, and those in which He controlled demons.
   4. Miracle of turning the water into wine, John 2:1-11
   5. Miracle of healing the man with palsy, Mark 2:1-12
   6. Miracle of raising from the dead the widow of Nain's son, Luke 7;11-15
   7. Miracle of casting out demons, Mark 5:1-20
   8. Physical afflictions caused by demon powers that Jesus healed, Matt. 12:22, Matt. 9:32-33, Matt. 8:16, Luke 13:11
   9. The danger of not being filled with the Spirit of God, Matt 12:43-44
   10. Our insurance against demon possession, Eph. 6:10-18
   11. Authority given believers to cast out devils, Mark 13:44
   12. Jesus taught in parables
         a. Parable of the sower, Mark 4:3-8, 14-20
         b. Parable of the hidden treasure, Matt. 13:44
         c. Parable of the mustard seed, Matt. 13:31-32, 17:20

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