"Open your heart when you open your Bible."

Coverage: Resurrection to "What Does it Mean to Believe on Jesus Christ?"
Page 36. The Resurrection and Ascension
   1. Chief priests have Pilate set a watch at tomb, Matt. 27:62-66
   2. John gives first account of resurrection, "while it was yet dark," John 20:1-18.
   3. Matthew resumes, "as it began to dawn," Matt. 28:1-10
   4. Luke continues, "very early in the morning," Luke 24:1-12
   5. Mark finishes, "when the sun was risen," Mark 16:1-8
   6. Soldiers paid to say disciples stole Him away, Matt. 28:11-15
   7. Jesus appears to disciples on Emmaus Road, Luke 24:13-35, in Upper Room, Luke 24:36-49, to Thomas, John 20:24-29, to disciples fishing, John 21:1-25, appears forty days, Acts 1:3
   8. Gives great commission, Luke 24:47, Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-18
   9. Ascends to heaven, Acts 1:9-12
   10. Our glorified bodies to be like His, I John 3:2, Phil. 3:21

Page 37. The Disciples go to Jerusalem to Wait for the Holy Ghost
   1. Disciples instructed to return to Jerusalem, Acts 1:4-14
   2. Matthias is chosen to take Judas' place, Acts 1:15-26
   3. Group of 120 continue in prayer in one accord, Acts 1:14-15

Page 38. Dispensation of the Holy Ghost
   1. They are all filled with the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:1-4
   2. Multitude hears own language spoken, Acts 2:5-13
   3. Jews and Gentiles are now united in "The Church" which is His body, Gal. 3:28, Eph. 1:21-22, Col. 3:11

Page 39. "Men and Brethren, What Shall We Do?"
   1. Peter explains to multitude what has happened, Acts 2:14-36
   2. He gives instructions for receiving the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:37-40
   3. The same day, 3,000 are added to the Church, Acts 2:41

Page 40. But What About Matthew 28:19?
   1. Jesus said, "in the name" of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
   2. What is the name?, John 5:43, Matt. 1:21, Johnl4:26

Page 41. Water Baptism by Immersion in the Name of Jesus Christ
   1. Mode of baptism—immersion, Col. 2:12, Acts 8:38-39, Matt. 3:16
   2. Formula for baptism—"in the name," Acts 4:12, Phil. 2:9-11, Eph. 1:21, Col. 3:17

Page 42. Is it Necessary to Receive the Holy Ghost?
   1. Jesus said, "ye must be born again," John 3; 1-12
   2. What is the Kingdom of God? Rom. 14:17

Page 43. The Purpose of the Holy Ghost
   1. The Holy Ghost is "Christ in you," Col. 1:25-27, Rom. 8:9
   2. It is to teach you all things, John 14:26
   3. To cause the weary to rest, Is 28:11-12
   4. To show you things to come, John 16:13
5. To give you power to witness, Acts 1:8
   6. To resurrect us at His coming, Rom. 8:11

Page 44. Do All Speak With Other Tongues When They Receive the Holy Ghost
   1. Yes, the Apostles and the mother of Jesus did, Acts 2:1-4
   2. Yes, the Samaritans did, Acts 8:14-24
   3. Yes, Cornelius and friends did, Acts 10:44-48
   4. Yes, men at Ephesus did, Acts 19:1-6
   5. Yes, Paul did, Acts 9:17-19, 1 Cor, 14:18,39
   6. Why did God choose speaking in tongues as the initial, physical evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost?
         a. An external evidence of something that has taken place in the heart
         b. A uniform sign
         c. A symbol of the Spirit's complete control: the tongue is the last thing to yield

Page 45. What Does it Mean to Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?
   1. Gentiles spoke in tongues when they believed, Acts 10:43-44
   2. Apostles spoke in tongues when they believed, Acts 11:17
   3. These signs shall follow them that believe, Mark 16:17
   4. What did Jesus say about believing?, John 7:37-39
   5. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?, Acts 19:1-7

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