صيادي الناس

Message from the Monthly Flyer from April 2015

The Old Ways

The Lord has not abandoned us in a state where we have to think out a plan for our own lives. In the contrary, from the very beginning, God has always has a plan for our lives. When we look at the sky and consider the works of His hands, such as the sun, the moon and the stars, we see that each one of them is set in its respective orbit and follows a specific path. Then we understand that God is a God of order. He directs everything and controls all things.

When we look at God’s plan, we can see that not only did He set a specific order in the universe, but He has also determined a path that His people can follow. As we consider the precision and the exactitude that rule in the creation, we stand amazed and must acknowledge God’s omniscience and power. And at the same time it makes us think about how glorious can the One be who created all these things.

As Moses was about to built the tabernacle in the desert, God spoke to him and told him to make sure that he does everything according to the pattern that would be shown to him on the mountain (Hebrew 8, 5). If God is so much concern about building the tabernacle correctly according to His plan, then it is not surprising that He also has a plan for His people that He took out of the world so that they can walk with Him. So then, it is quite amazing that many religious people who claim to be close to God reject such a plan. They would rather adhere to the ideas that are acceptable for the human understanding.

Human beings have always had a problem believing things that are beyond their knowledge and understanding and they simply reject the old ways of God. We neither understand nor perceive God’s knowledge, power and possibilities. We can only grasp them by faith and say: let it be as He says. Jesus Christ is the founder of the Church. The Apostles were directed to build the Church according to His will. The Apostles and the Church revealed His plan in the first century and built all other local churches according to that plan (Apg. 2, 4 and 2, 38-47).

Falling out or turning away from the original faith to adhere to another so-called faith is not something that happens suddenly but rather progressively. Even today, many people still reject the basic teachings of the Apostles because they feel more comfortable with their beliefs. Compromises with the views of the world can really damage the faith and harm the believer. There is no modern way or modern faith and it is not possible to talk about any “old way” because there is only ONE FAITH and this faith is always up to date. rw

صيادي الناس

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