صيادي الناس
Message from the Monthly Flyer from March 2008

Your planning for the future

Hello, may I introduce myself? My name is , if you can’t read it properly, then hold a mirror up in front of it and then you be able to guess what it is. At the moment, I don’t want to reveal my nationality to you. I can speak all the languages of the world and, in addition, many others which don’t exist down here on this earth. You’re probably thinking, ah, this must be a fairytale. Yes, it’s true that human possibilities are limited, but where I come from, the world looks completely different.

That’s right, I don’t come from this world. I’ve just “landed” here for a short while in order to give you a tip; because from above we can see and judge your situation much better. Therefore, I thought that I would come and help you with my advice. We know that your human life span is very short and where I come from, nobody ever dies. We also don’t worry about old age pensions, unemployment, and the many other things which the citizens of the earth worry about, for there is no greedy desire for wealth where we at. Nobody takes advantage of anybody else, everyone is there for one another and the weaker ones are helped so that they might be strengthened. Murder, theft, deception and envy are not familiar to us, these concepts don’t even exist in our dictionaries. We only find out about these things in the first place through your news. Our appointed leaders rule in a different way to your leaders, all of them are humble servants. This is an honour where I come from. And where I come from, there is nobody there who is proud.

We are amazed that there are so many people who plan their future and don’t think about looking up above; then where I come from, a 1000 years are like a day and a day like a thousand years. There is no time and no end for me. The present is always now, the future is a step away from me and the past is a step next to me. With one step, I can move from the present into the future and I’m able to determine what happens. That’s why we also don’t worry about the future, for no one at our place ever gets old and sick. Yes, that’s the way it is, when you live eternally, then you think different.

What I seem to notice is, that many of you plan your future and want to “make yourselves secure”. Secure from what? The question is what is secure? Your job? You could already have lost it by tomorrow. Your health? It could already be gone before the day is over. Is it possible for your insurance company to extend your life for just one hour longer? If they could, then it would no doubt cost a lot of money. Yes, we also happened to be there at the planning of your future. Perhaps you'll allow me to tell you, that at the end of every single earthly life death is waiting, which is not the case where we’re at. I will tell you a secret: There's a group of people on earth who will never die because they believe in me. Indeed, they'll leave their earthly bodies; however, when I call them, they will come up above and live with me for all eternity. The other group, this is the majority of the human race, will end up going deep down to the place where there is complete darkness and no light whatsoever. That's where they now are at the present moment and all of them are fully conscious. None of them are sleeping. For them, it is too late. Often I tried to warn and admonish them, however, they didn’t want to hear my voice, now they are regretting it.

Yes, no one likes to think about death; and whosoever does happen to think about it, if he can afford it financially, he makes plans so that all the costs of the burial will be covered by insurances. Plans are made so that the “smooth” transition of wealth to the children takes place, so that as little tax as possible goes to the Treasury. Perhaps there are still a few fine details to be taken care of and a correction here and there to be made, and once that’s all done, the individual is content that he has even planned HIS own end.We from above see that completely different, and we are sad to see that so many people believe that their death is really the end. And whosoever of you does not believe that will be laughed at.

I just wanted to remind you today that the death of a person, not even your death, is the final end. No! You will carry on living, for it is only the mortal body which dies and becomes earth again one day. The inner being, the real person, the spiritual body with its soul, the I, that is actually you, that will continue to live on. You will no doubt ask, yes, where then? Don’t you know? See, your planning doesn’t reach far enough. Really, it needs to extend beyond death. “Whoever does not do that is not wise”, that is what they say where we’re at. In order to see what this planning for the future beyond death looks like, it can be found written in my book that I have given to you for this purpose. It is the only book on this earth whose words I make to come alive. Go ahead and read your Bible, my name is even written in there and I can show you the way to eternal life within it; however, if you don’t believe me, you will never find the way. Where I come from, they all believe in me, for I AM the One who gives life to all. rw

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