صيادي الناس
Message from the Monthly Flyer from November 2008

In no other name

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

The name Jesus (Greek-Latin form of the Hebrew Jeschua, a later version taken from Jeshoschua or Joschua) means “The Lord is salvation”. Christ is the title, the official version of Jesus. The Greek Christos is the translation of the Aramaic Meschicha, in reference to the Hebrew meschiach, and means “the anointed” (Messiah). Therefore, the double name, Jesus Christ, is at the same time the shortest confession of Christianity. Jesus from Nazareth is in person the promised Christ (Messiah). “Before Abraham was, I am” Jesus says in John 8:58. In the beginning everything was made by Jesus who is the creative Word.

He is the One and only God who created heaven and earth. As a result of our sin, He came of His own freewill to earth as a man, putting on flesh and blood. This means that He became a human being. While on this earth, He was God and man at the same time. In order for us to be reconciled to Him, He left His throne and His glory and voluntarily laid down his life through crucifixation. He shed His precious blood upon the cross to save us from the power of sin and death. The name of Jesus is above every name; it is the only name through which we can be saved. When the apostles Peter and John preached the name of Jesus to the people, many believed and obeyed the Gospel. They also did signs and miracles in the name of Jesus. For example, the lame man who sat and begged everyday in front of the temple was healed by Peter in this name. The man jumped up and praised God. We can see here that Jesus not only gave eternal life but He also healed, because He is able to do all things.

Many people saw the many signs and wonders which Peter and John did in the name of Jesus. Several of the leaders, elders, and Scribes of the people who did not have the revelation of Jesus Christ, came to them and asked them in whose name they had performed these miracles. Peter who was full of the Holy Spirit answered them, “In the name of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene who you have crucified and who God has risen from the dead, this man is standing before you, having been healed. This is the stone which you builders cast away and which has become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Jesus is the One God. He accomplished all that had to be done for you and me on the cross. He is the author and finisher of our faith. When Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished”, He wanted to say to us that we have everything in Him -if we believe in Him and have a personal relationship with Him. In Jesus we have eternal life and life in abundance whilst on this earth. He has freed us from the power of sin and death and has made a new Covenant with us. All that you have to do is say ”Yes” to Him. He wants you to say “Yes” to His Word and His love. He would like to have a personal relationship with you because He loves you. We love Him because He first loved us.

Jesus is God and God is Spirit. Therefore, we can only serve and worship Him in spirit and in truth. The truth is His Word and His Holy Spirit, which He gives to us and which leads us into all truth. It is grace to be able to serve Jesus and He freely gives it to us, so that we can do everything for His praise and glory. It is necessary that our flesh dies; here we are referring to our old nature. He will and is able to make you come alive; this happens when you realize that you are a sinner and repent of your sins. You have to be buried like He was by being baptized in Jesus’ name. He forgives you of your sins and His blood eliminates all your sins. After that, He fills you with His Holy Spirit, and you can now enter into heaven having been reborn of water and Spirit (John 3:1-8) Then like Him, you have risen into a life in the Spirit and you are a new creature in Him. He helps you by His Holy Spirit to live like Him. If you humble yourself before Him and are faithful and obedient to Him, then He will guide you in your life and will bless you. You cannot do anything without Him. Believe in Jesus, He alone is able to save you and give you healing. He will bless you. dka

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