صيادي الناس


This is an open letter to all Muslim friends who are searching for Allah's truth and are trying to get so close to him so that they can feel his mighty presence. Oh friends; you fast and pray and give alms and want to get close to Allah and get to a place where you can feel his presence every second of your life.

I was born and raised in a Shiite Muslim family in Iran. Please allow me to tell you how I got close to Allah. I started by reading the Torah, the Injil and the Koran. As I studied the Torah, I noticed that the Jews of the old testament were trying to get close to God through keeping His laws and making sacrifices. They had gotten to a place that If they would break the smallest law possible, they would cry, repent, sacrifice animals and be punished by their society. But keeping the law did not get them close to God. Also when I read the Koran and Hadith, I saw that Muslims with praying, fasting, giving of alms and obeying the God's law have tried to get close to Allah and feel His presence. But human flesh is weak and sinful and man cannot get close to God with his own power. He slips and falls in sin and because he wants to prevent this fall he invents religious laws for the society. But unfortunately you cannot change the human nature by sword and machine gun. Human history from Adam until now testifies of this fact.

So is there a real way of getting close to God? In Torah, God promised to write His law in His people's hearts. Jesus (Isa), the Messiah gave the same promise to his disciples and called this experience the baptism (Gosl) or gift of the holy spirit. His disciples several weeks after his ascension to heaven received this promise. This gift changed them from unlearned fisherman to great preachers of His good news. God surely wrote his law in their hearts. They went to all the known world of that time and preached Isa's good news and free gift. But after four or five generations, unspiritual leaders of the churches reduced the importance of this gift in Christian life, until the day that the Roman emperor Constantine declared Christianity as the Rome's official religion. It was there that most of Christianity took the form of state religion rather than a personal experience with God. But through out the centuries there were people who still believed in the experience of the gift of the holy spirit. These people were usually heretics by the Roman church and were executed. But God between the years of 325 AD and 1900 AD had people who were close to him. During the twentieth century God has given this gift to thousands of men and women all over the world.

Oh dear friends, Allah is calling you close to himself and wants you to receive his powerful gift also. If you like to get close to god and receive his gift, believe in Christ and repent (Tobeh) of your secret sins and bad thoughts in your heart and ask him to remove them from you. Then ask a Christian minister (Waez) who believes in true Christianity to baptize (Gosl) you in the name of Isa the Messiah so that your sins might be washed away by Isa's power. Then start to praise God in your own language in simple words and ask him for the gift of the holy spirit. God will give you this gift and take your tongue which is wild like an animal to his own hand and he will give you a new language. Then you will feel God's glory, power and majesty. This experience is so great and wonderful that human words cannot describe it.

Do you really want to get close to Allah? Then try what I have told you and see if I am telling you the truth. Try Massih and see that He is sweeter than honey.
Thank you for reading this letter.
Christ's Servant, Brother Ahmad

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صيادي الناس